Welcome to The Heart of Faith!

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Welcome and thank you for coming!

This site is simply a way to share, in some small way, who I am, what I love, and why I believe, with everyone who visits my little corner of this digital world. You could think of this website as a computer representation of me and what I am about.

Los Dos Amigos

For example, when I persistently and avidly began studying Spanish again on May 22, 2018, I wanted to add a place here for helping people who wanted to learn it as well. It was then that I realized that this website needed to be a place where I would be able to share all of my passions not just the ones for faith or language.

Growing is living!

As I continue to grow as a person, through my relationships with God, my family and my friends, and I grow in my thirst for learning, my purpose here continues to gain clarity. Because of this, and just like me, this site is a constant work in progress.

Please, forgive the mess!

So while you are here at The Heart of Faith, turn on some uplifting music via the links provided while perhaps reading some of the encouraging articles on The Heart of Faith blog page. Or find some valuable resources for learning Spanish within the Santiago Hablando project. This virtual venue also has some ‘punny’ humor and a beautiful photo gallery or two to enjoy as well. My hope is only to bless and encourage you with the little bit of life, light, and love, you find here no matter what brought you.

“…we’ll meet in the middle.”

Navigation is on the left, content is on the right and somewhere in the middle I hope to brighten your life, even if only a little.

“You will give me your hot dog human!”

Again, thank you for coming and welcome to The Heart of Faith!

James “Santiago” Kelly