In Awe of God

Since I remember most vividly the damaged, deluded and detestable thing that I was, I am confounded by God’s grace and mercy which He extends so freely to a wretch like me. I am in awe of such an immeasurable love that would offer me this redemptive hope I can scarcely fathom and almost dare not cling to. I marvel at what hidden beauty the Potter sees that I cannot in these scarred and jagged remains of mine. Yet, despite my past and in spite of my brokenness and frailty His love, His life, His truth has won me, overcome me and continues to transform me. Though I cannot change the past, I can stride boldly into the future proclaiming the wondrous love, awesome mercy and enduring faithfulness of my Creator and Heavenly Father and I am dedicating the rest of my life to doing exactly that!

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