When The Wind Blows

The Spirit of God is like the wind.
The wind flows with direction and purpose nearly intangible but with great impact on all it touches. However, the height of its potential and the breadth of its success is as dependent upon the response of the influenced as it is upon it’s own power.

The mountain, the leaf, and the eagle.

The mountain is immersed in the wind. It is effected by it, weathered and shaped, irrevocably altered by it but is never actually moved, inflexible underneath its weights. The mountain shows outward evidence of its encounter with the wind’s power and influence but its inner structure remains unmoved.

The leaf, also immersed in the wind, is carried along unfettered and nearly weightless, submissive to whatever direction the current may carry it. The leaf, though moved by the wind, takes no part in its interaction with it and is never really changed by its encounter. Whatever happens, happens and wherever it’s lead is where it ends up.
The eagle likewise is immersed in the wind and it too is carried along by it. However, it is familiar with the wind’s currents, in tune with its flow. The eagle isn’t merely carried along but actively participates in its journey, intentionally making the most of the wind’s ebb and flow. The wind fills the wings of the eagle providing the power needed to fly and even influences its direction. The eagle, doesn’t simply submit to the wind’s will but aligns its own with it. It’s only together, through this communion, that the full potential and purpose of the eagle is realized.
Our relationship with God can be likened to one of these three examples. Are we like the mountain, obviously effected by the powerful influence of coming into contact with the Living God but so weighed down by familiar and comfortable yet erroneous beliefs and faulty perceptions that the metamorphic power of His Spirit never quite reaches our soul? Are we essentially effected by Him but never really moved?
Are we spiritualistic Christians, like the leaf, riding the wave of revival but never really being revived? Are we merely being entertained by seeing the power of God’s Spirit move instead of being the movement of God’s Spirit in power? Are we only being carried along by Him and never really moving with Him?
We are meant to be light that can be seen in this present state of darkness, salt that can be tasted in an unsavory selfish world, and love that can be felt in the bitter cold of a seemingly hopeless landscape. It is the truth of God that is the brilliance of our shining light. It is our similitude to God that makes the world around us more palatable. It is God’s loving kindness which is the potent warmth of our love.
My hope and prayer is that we are like the eagle in the wind, in harmony with the Spirit of God; that we are relational, and interconnected, fully intentional in seeking profound intimacy with Him in order to be the brilliant, savory and enervating display of His glory that we are created to be. May we soar like eagles on the wind, dancing upon it’s currents in tandem with His graceful movements.