Take Heart! You’re Not Powerless

Take heart!

Darkness, hate, and lies are not the opposing forces to light, love and truth. Light casts no shadow. Darkness is the void left behind when light is no longer present. Hate is the vacuum of love’s absence. Lies are merely a lack of truth. Therefore, evil is what remains in the absence of righteousness. Like a shadow, there is simply more of it where the light of goodness wanes.

Don’t be deceived! God gave you all the power here. That is what free will is, the power to act or not as you choose. You’re either choosing to believe God or the devil. The devil isn’t an equal with God. He isn’t some worthy adversary of Jesus. His only power is influence and his goal is to attempt to quench the fire of love, quell the radiance of light’s ambience, and dilute the pure waters of truth. But he can’t do these things in his own power because he has none. What you do flows from what you believe so the only way he can achieve his goals is by convincing you that his words are truer than God’s.

Trust God! And you will be the wick on which God’s light dances upon. This is the heart of obedience. Simply by choosing to trust your Heavenly Father and acting from that faith you are choosing to shine and you are pushing back the darkness in this world. So let your light shine!

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