The Fear of the Lord

For if you cry for discernment,
Lift your voice for understanding;
If you seek her as silver
And search for her as for hidden treasures;
Then you will discern the “fear of the Lord”
And discover the knowledge of God.

Proverbs 2:3-5

What is this “fear of the Lord” and what is it’s significance? The “fear of the Lord” is to regard God as precious and sacred, having a sense of awe and overwhelming respect toward Him. It is a humble, reverent, receptive, expectant attitude toward God. This reverence evokes reliance upon Him and devotion to Him and it is the kindling that fuels the yearning to know Him more. Essentially the “fear of the Lord” is the spark of growing love for God.

Proverbs 14:26
In the “fear of the Lord” there is [security],
And His children will have refuge.

In this place, this mindset, we find security, boldness, and confident hope.

Proverbs 1:7a
The “fear of the Lord” is the [firstfruit] of [the perception of truth];

This attitude is the first evidence of our spiritual comprehension of the truth of God.

Proverbs 9:10a
The “fear of the Lord” is the [commencement] of wisdom

It is the starting point, the beginning manifestation of all wisdom. The word wisdom (חָכְמָה ḥâḵemâ) is comprehensive of all types of wisdom:

a. Strategic wisdom; skill in war
b. Diplomatic wisdom; wisdom in administration
c. Practical wisdom; the general application of cleverness or shrewdness
d. Spiritual wisdom; the wisdom of discretion in spiritual matters
e. Ethical wisdom; the wisdom of sound moral judgment

Therefore, “fear of the Lord” is the rod of correction or discipline for the administration of wisdom.

Proverbs 15:33a
The “fear of the Lord” is the [discipline] for wisdom

The “fear of the Lord” sanctifies us, keeps us separate, from evil.

Proverbs 16:6
By lovingkindness and truth iniquity is atoned for,
And by the ”fear of the Lord” one keeps away from evil.

It trains us to reject all that isn’t of God.

Proverbs 8:13a
The “fear of the Lord” is to hate evil;

It keeps us unstained by the world and directs us onto the path of life.

Proverbs 19:23
The ”fear of the Lord” leads to life,
So that one may sleep satisfied,  untouched by evil.

It extends our earthly lives.

Proverbs 10:27a
The “fear of the Lord” prolongs life

And ultimately thwarts the schemes of death itself.

Proverbs 14:27
The “fear of the Lord” is a [wellspring] of life,
That one may avoid the snares of death.

The “fear of the Lord” is precious to God and elicits His favor.

Isaiah 33:6b
The “fear of the Lord” is {God’s} treasure.

Those who cherish this attitude are taught by God Himself, counseled by His wisdom and are made intimately acquainted with His promises.

Psalms 25:12, 14
Who is the man who fears the Lord?
He will [teach] him in the way he should choose…
The [counsel] of the Lord is for those who fear Him,
And He will make them know His covenant.

The Father finds those who “fear the Lord” so precious that He sets them apart for His own purpose and pleasure.

Malachi 3:16b-17
…a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the Lord and who esteem His name. “They will be Mine,” says the Lord of hosts, “on the day that I prepare My own possession, and I will spare them as a man spares his own son who serves him.”

The “fear of the Lord” is central to every aspect of salvation, wisdom, holy living, and love. It is meant to be the breath of life sustaining our very spirit, the founding premise of our every thought, and the moving force of our every action. It is the essence of complete and total surrender to our Creator, the very nature of absolute trust in God.

We can cultivate this attitude in ourselves through choosing to believe in God’s love for us, by feeding on His word, and communing with Him in every moment through prayer and meditation. In this way, “wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of {our} times, and the strength of {our} salvation.”

I pray that you stoke the fire of your reverence for God and remind yourself of the awesomeness of His love and provision. I pray that in some small way, at least, you continue to share this vision of our amazing God with others through acts of compassion, kindness, and peace. And I pray that “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!
Oh, fear the Lord, you His saints!
There is no [lack] to those who fear Him.
The young lions lack and suffer hunger;
But those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.
Psalm 34:8-10

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