Spanish Regular Verbs

This is a chart I compiled for all regular verb conjugations except the imperative mood, and perfect or progressive tenses. By doing this I found the task of memorizing conjugations much less daunting and I hope it works the same for you.

This first “full” version of the chart includes both the Imperfect 2 and Future Subjunctive conjugations which are currently found primarily in literature. I left them on this one simply for reference.



Chart Key:

  • Tense Column is color coded simply to group like tenses together.
  • Stem Column is also grouped together, this time with like stems.
  • Endings Section is color coded as follows:
    • Dark yellow areas are common to all three verb types (-ar, -er, -ir).
    • Light Yellow is common between the -er and -ir verbs.
    • White areas with red print shows conjugations unique to each verb type.
  • For the above chart only:
    • Grayed and X-ed areas indicate conjugations used primarily in literature.


In this next image, I have removed the “unused” portions to make it easier to see the most relevant conjugations.


This layout was solely for highlighting the commonalities between all three verb types but it also works well as a quick reference for forming regular verb conjugations.

This last chart is a more current and legible version of the previous one but in the Indicative Mood only.

Indicative Mood

I hope this helps you on your learning journey!

¡Feliz aprendizaje!

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