What is the purpose of theheartoffaith.life?

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Originally, this was merely a blog intent on clearing the fog of religion from the walk of faith. However, I gradually began to realize, as I discovered more about my own heart, that while influencing people through a life of faith is ultimately my goal, it is not all that I am.

At some point I discovered that the only way to truly “share Jesus”, is to share myself. I can’t simply tell people about Jesus. I am not an advertisement pointing the way to God. I am a living testimony. An authentic believer demonstrates Jesus in their every-day life, not merely with pretty words but by sharing with people their transformed heart and mind, the evidence of His work!

I decided then that my personal site should express more of myself than just my thoughts on faith because God is all about relationship. While my main focus here is faith in God (The Heart of Faith / El Corazón de la Fe), I also hope through other material found here, such as my passion for learning Spanish (Santiago Hablando) for example, you will be able to get to know me better as well.

Within the name of this site, “theheartoffaith.life“, is the implication that the heart of sincere faith, seeks to know the Author of life, walk in His Way of life, and exemplify His life wherever it goes sowing the seeds of life in its wake, so in a nutshell, what is theheartoffaith.life about?

This site is about promoting God’s love and shining His light into your life, through wisdom, beauty and laughter by sharing with you here the evidence of God’s transforming handiwork in me. So, thank you, truly, for coming and spending your precious time here with me!

May God bless and keep you through His amazing grace and unfailing love.


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