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My name is James by birth, although I prefer Santiago. I am a Christian, but for most of my difficult life, I haven’t lived as one. I am naturally an empathetic introvert and unfamiliar with the complexities of many types of relationships, however I have found confidence and stability in my relationship with God. Now that God is at the very center of my life, I have discovered that the only way to truly “share Jesus”, is to share myself.

An authentic believer demonstrates Jesus in their every-day life, not just with pretty words but by sharing with people their transformed heart and mind, through their actions, the evidence of His work. I have determined to do just that on my website, as in real life, through encouraging words, wholesome humor, Godly wisdom and stirring beauty. My hope is to affect some lives in His Name while I am able with the unfathomable love He has shown me and filled me with.