God of Hope

Hope has always seemed to me, in its most common usage, to be a sense of guarded optimism. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. More of a pragmatic attitude of a “healthy” sceptic really, not true hope. But when you delve into the real definition of hope, especially biblically, it is truly an attitude of faith. Hope eagerly awaits and expects a positive outcome as yet unseen.

In the bible, our faith derives its confidence from the unchanging goodness and faithfulness of God to perform His word. God said it, He will do it. Therefore our hope is in God and the certainty of His love for us and faith founds its bold choices to act, upon the very character of God Himself. We don’t need to know how it will unfold or where the path will lead because we know the One Who does and He has prepared the way before us. It is a peaceful place free from fear.

For this reason it is important to become familiar with God and His promises through the open door of scripture. The better we know Who God is and what He has promised, the less of a foothold fear will have in our lives. We get to learn about Him through scripture but we get to know Him through prayer, i.e. casting our cares upon Him and watching Him work in our lives in response to our faith. In this way, our faith grows, our relationship with Him deepens and maintaining our hope in Him becomes more effortless.

If you’re tired of fear and uncertainty overshadowing your life, I encourage you to pick up your bible and learn more about Him. Pray, and cast your cares upon Him. What He has done in the past, He will continue to do. What He has said, He will perform. You can count on Him. He is good all the time and He is forever faithful.

Heavenly Father, thank you for your goodness and eternal faithfulness. Remind us daily of your love because sometimes we so quicky forget. You are the strength of our hope and the vindication of our faith. Open up your word to us, write it upon our hearts and draw us ever closer to Your side, dear Abba. In your holy name, the name of Jesus, amen.

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